Make money app bulb smash game without investment.

Make money app bulb smash game.

Make money app Mobiles are doing a lot of work nowadays. Playing all the more that work in it. Most people play games for a time pass. But playing games can earn money too. Money can be earned easily by mobile. Everybody can earn money by playing games at free time.


Let’s learn about making money easily by mobile. That app name bulb smash. Tearing bulbs This is a very funny g. Playing a lot is coming app. Playing this game will pass a lot of time. The money can also be earned. make money app.

How to join bulb smash app.

Click the link below to download app the bulb smash. After download you need to log in with your Facebook account. This 10 comes bounce when you log in. Do not get install from this 10 Play Store. If download is downloaded through the invisible link. Next there is start smashing. It should be open. The bulbs appear when they fall into the chains. Levels are. The level comes up as levels are complete. Make money app.

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Make money app. Bulb smash game has 46 levels. They need to complete the whole. Chains and amounts are available if you do so. If you get chains, you have to beat them. This will come in the Rank 1 when it comes to Rs 350. Rank 2 for this Rs 200. For Rank 3 this is Rs 150. Rank 4 to Rs 100. This should be the Rank 1 if it is Rs 350. If you run the game for 2 hours, the rank comes in 1. By doing this, you can earn more money by entering your friends. This will happen if someone joins. You come into debt. Minimum is the amount we need this Rs 100 in our account. If this is Rs 100, then you can transfer into the pay Tm account.



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