Google pay (Tez) Earn up to Rs 9,000 | Download app get Rs 51 instantly.

Google pay Install & Register. Now Get Rs 51 instantly & directly.

Google pay (Tez) We will send money to others. We take money from others. There are a few ways to send and take rewards online. We go to the bank and deposit the money to their account. If we have net banking or mobile banking, we will transfer it. Some Wall Street Accounts came in order to send and take money. Instant may not have been sent to others by bank or non-banking wallets. It will take some time.


The money came up with a straight and immediate send. It’s app to you. This app Google is introduced. This can be sent directly and quickly to others. This can be easy to send money to others accounts. It is a very easy way to send and take money through it. This will bank with up bank. There is no wallet. Just Transactions in app The money will be in the bank account.

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You can easily earn money through google pay. Google has made an offer of intent to use this app and down. In this app you can register and join others too. 1 referral Rs 51. You can earn up to Rs 9,000. As soon as you have a referral, Instantly is Rs 51 in your any bank account. They will also come with this. You will have this Rs 51 and your friend come Rs 51. This must be installed and registered. Need to do the bank details. You need to send your friend to google pay user, this is Rs 1. Then, you will have this Rs 51 and your friend come Rs 51.


How to download & Install & Register.

1) Download and install it through the button below.

2) Open and choose language English.

3) Only the phone number linked to the bank should be given.

4) Select your Email ID.

5) Takes on automatically.

6) Select Screen Lock or Google pin. Screen lock is best.


How to add bank account.

1) Click onĀ  add bank account.

2) There are many banks. You have to select your bank.

3) You need to select G pay app Phone no. SIM 1 or SIM 2

4) Your bank account processing.

5) Enter Your Debit Card Last 6 Numbers and expiry date.

6) You need to set the UPI PIN. 4 OR 6 Numbers.

7) If the bank details are correct, the bank account is added.


How to send money Other G pay users.

1) Option must click New.

2) UPI ID, QR, Phone. Select this Option.

3) UPI ID, Scan QR code, G pay user Phone.

4) Select the G pay User Phone Number. Type user ph no.

5) Click Verify. User name appears. Ok click on it.

6) Click Next to Send Money.

7) Enter any amount. Rs 1 Or more. Click proceed to pay.

8) Enter Your UPI ID PIN. Your Amount sent in to G pay user.


NOTE): If you download through this button below, You will get Rs 51. Otherwise, Not get money, Rs 51.


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